Meet New York-based Jamaican singer Dyrana. Dyrana, also known as DY DY, got her start on social media making funny videos. She has now transitioned from the comedy scene to the music scene. DY DY is a gifted singer/songwriter whose innovate style brings pop and dancehall together as one. With DY DY representing the Caribbean sound with her voice, she stands to be relevant in the music industry as she brings an unparalleled sound, and those who do it now, produce national hits.  DY DY can boldly stand her ground amongst the great vocalists out today.

      DY DY is a native of Jamaica, who grew up listening to her family members sing, and was introduced to 90's music at an early age.  DY DY immediately fell in love with music. DY DY's inspirations are, Jamaican artists Lady Saw, Tanya Stephens, along with American artists Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Marvin Gaye.  DY DY's debut single 2 Can has already gotten radio spins, which provided her the opportunities of special appearances and performances.  In April 2017 DY DY was able to share the stage with Tanya Stephens, Rupee, Mr. Easy, Spragga Benz and many others at New York City's iconic venue B.B. King. 

     What has DY DY buzzing is the fact that she is able to speak through her lyrics which by the way, she writes herself, and say what many are afraid of speaking on. Through love, relationships, current events, and personal experiences, DY DY is able to bring her fans through an unforgettable and relatable journey.  This is a journey that one would not want to miss, as her songs are sure to echo in your conscious long after hearing them.






G Milano Company ft Bad Gyal DyDy